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Guidelines for Use of Facility

Now Faith Community Baptist Church



  •  Request for any and all facilities of Now Faith Community Baptist Church must be made in writing, using a Request for Use of Facilities form, a minimum of one month before the date needed. This includes the use of any part of the church property, including the building. The facility rental fee allows for six (6) hours of facility use. If the rental exceeds 6 hours there will be an additional fee per hour.


  • A deposit equal to 50% of the Building Use Fee will be made at the time of approval by the Church of an Application for Use of Facilities Agreement. Long term groups may pay on a monthly basis. Frequency of use may be considered by the Board of Trustees when determining Building Usage Fee. Rental Fees are to be made payable to the Now Faith Community Baptist Church. Members of Now Faith Community Baptist are required to pay a $50.00 deposit for renting the building. The $50.00 refundable deposit shall be refunded if there are no damages to the building or equipment. A 75.00 cleaning fee is included in the rental fees.


  • All Rental fees must be paid with a Certified check or Money order payable to Now Faith Community Baptist Church. You can also pay through our website using the PayPal option.  Just click on the Donation button.


  • Request form is to be submitted to the Chairman of the Trustee Board. The denial or approval will be determined by the Board of Directors.


  • Schedule meetings and events of the Church are given priority. Approved use of facilities by outside groups will be entered on the Church calendar by the Administrative Team after approval is provided.


  • No events will be approved which exceed the building capacity (180) of the facilities.


  • Smoking is prohibited in church buildings.


  • No gambling, illegal substances, or alcohol will be permitted on the church property.


  • Activities that conflict with the moral and doctrinal position of the church will not be permitted. No illegal, illicit, obscene, or demeaning activities are acceptable on church property.


  • Children shall be under adult supervision at all times, within the approved area of use, and are not allowed to run free.


  • Since many different groups use the church facility, please be respectful of others that use the building when you are present.


  • The area used must be left in good condition-cleaned up with garbage removed, lights turned off, and doors locked. Garbage is to be removed and placed in the trash can behind the building at the conclusion of the event.


  • Plans to move equipment and furnishings for an activity require contact with the Head Custodian. Please contact the Church Office (919-266-4709) to arrange this contact. Such moves are the responsibility of those requesting the use of the facility.


  • All equipment and furnishings that are moved shall be returned to their proper places, following the room arrangements chart posted in the room.


  • Accidents affecting persons or property must be reported immediately to the church office the day of the event.


  • Remuneration must be paid to the church office at least 30 days before the event. Refunds for canceled events will be at the discretion of church staff.


  • Spouse of a Non-Member has to pay $550.00 or with kitchen $675.00 


Now Faith Community Baptist Church


8933 Buffaloe Road, Knightdale, N.C. 27545

Office: 919-266-4709


Senior Pastor - Reverend Erick Brinkley

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