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Schalorship Foundation 

Education is the key to knowledge and knowledge is the key to wisdom"

Mission Statement/Purpose


The Now Faith Scholarship Fund is designed for high school/college individuals in need of Financial Aid. This program provides assistance to those individuals who are also members of Now Faith Community Baptist Church. Assistance will only be offered to individuals continuing their education. Our goal is to help deserving students within Now Faith Community Baptist Church achieve their career goals and objectives which will benefit the community at large. We will insure that justifiable scholars within the Church will not be deprived of higher education due to a shortage of capital. 




Chairperson:             Ted Bledsoe

Co-Chairperson:       Calvin Robertson

Treasure:                   Sygrid Elston                           Secretary:                  Cheryl Bledsoe


Sharon B Roberston
Donald Robertson
Oliver Dunn
Walter Harris
Debra Jefferies

Keshia Jones

Portiania Harris

2014 Scholarship Foundation Award Receivers

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